Review of Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood

Last Updated: July 13, 2019

Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood is located on the 16th floor of the new Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort. It’s open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night, and we were able to go for dinner on opening night and try some of the food options from their new menu, and we were very impressed with almost everything we ordered. The restaurant is beautiful, and we recommend checking it out if you’re staying at Coronado Springs any time soon.

The Vibe and Decor

Toledo Restaurant has a beautiful, open layout with seating in the main dining area as well as a small private dining room and a small room off to the side. We were in the main dining area, and since it was around normal dinner time, it was quite full and quite loud. If you go, try requesting the side room that isn’t for private dining as it seemed quieter than the main dining area.

The restaurant itself is gorgeous with tons of detail everywhere, so be sure to look around while you’re there. The ceiling has lights in it that change color, and the decor is incredible. Bright pops of color everywhere with accents that include curved lines and edges, giving it a modern feel without being boring. The 2 main walls are glass, so if you are there around the time Epcot and Hollywood Studios have their night shows, you may be able to see a few fireworks. They don’t pump in the music, so it’s definitely not the same as watching it in the park, but it does give a nice view if you’re near one of the windows. We were in the middle of the restaurant, so we weren’t able to see many fireworks from our seats. If you’re wanting to watch the fireworks with a better view, you can walk to Dahlia Lounge which is right next to Toledo Restaurant and go out on the balcony there. You’ll have a better view of the fireworks and can enjoy the fresh air. It does get crowded out there around that time though, so be sure to give yourself enough time to get there and find a good spot.

The stained glass windows have lights that change color throughout the night.

The Food

The food at Toledo surprised us all at how good it was. Even food items we wouldn’t normally enjoy as much were delicious! There are quite a few options for tapas and appetizers, but the entree and dessert menu aren’t very big. They have a very large selection of wines and tonics that they’re known for, and we were told by other guests they were amazing. But let’s talk about what we ordered.

The wine wall has over 1800 wine options.

The tapas were good, and we absolutely loved the way they were served on a flattened wine glass. So creative and fun. But at $3 each, the price for those starts to add up quickly since you need quite a few to have options for everyone at the table. Plus, we weren’t super impressed with any of them specifically. They were all good, and made for great pictures, but we’d rather save room for something else we love more.

All 6 pintxos were $3 each

The appetizers were some of our favorite items we ordered. The goat cheese stuffed red peppers were amazing, and I don’t normally like peppers. The shrimp was very good and very fresh, but a little pricey since not everyone at the table wanted some. They are brought in fresh every day though, so if you love shrimp, you won’t want to pass this up. It was just difficult for me to eat it all myself since no one else really wanted any, and shrimp isn’t good reheated. We also ordered the savory churros. These are not sweet but still very yummy and look great for pictures. We should also mention they were very salty, so be prepared for that when eating them for the first time. The tomato bread was incredible, and the whole table finished the basket off really quickly as it had so much flavor in such a simple dish. The green peppers were spicy and didn’t taste very good. The meat and melon combo were perfect as the meat was spicy and the melon is sweet.

The entrees were so good and great portion sizes. The hanger steak had a ton of flavor and was cooked perfectly. The bone-in pork chop was good with the sauce on the plate, but had no flavor otherwise. The waitress told us they had had a problem with it being too salty, so we can only assume to combat this, the chef didn’t salt it at all. As it is still new, we’re sure they’re still working on perfecting their menu. I asked for more of the sauce that was on the plate, and the pork chop was perfect for me like that. The chicken was juicy and tender and delicious. Definitely worth getting just like the hanger steak.

Desserts looked so pretty when they arrived, and we had mixed opinions about our favorites. The Cafe con Leche Choux looked really pretty, but it tasted very heavily of coffee, and since I’m not a coffee person, I did not enjoy it. Robert loved it though and ate the whole thing. I ordered the Toledo Tapas Bar which comes with a variety of tiny toppings to give each bite a different flavor. The whole thing tasted delicious to me as a chocolate lover The lemon was a little strong for my taste, but the raspberry was perfect with it. 


Overall the meal was delicious. We enjoyed our time there, the waitress was very sweet, and the decor was beautiful to look at. The restaurant itself was a bit loud, so that’s something to keep in mind when considering this as a dining option if you prefer quieter locations. It did quiet down as it got later because less people were in there, so you could always make a later dinner reservation to enjoy Toledo without the extra noise. Toledo is very similar in menu to Jaleo at Disney Springs but is only 1 credit on the dining plan instead of 2 like Jaleo, so Toledo would be our recommendation between the 2 to save the extra dining credit. Toledo does accept DVC and Passholder discounts here, but they currently do not accept Tables in Wonderland.