Free Scavenger Hunts You Can Do at Some of the Walt Disney World Resorts

Last Updated: October 11, 2021

Many of these resorts are not doing scavenger hunts at this time. You can ask the front desk or the recreation team cast members at the resort you’re at if they are still doing them as things have continued to change and be updated regularly.

At some of the Walt Disney World Resorts, there are scavenger hunts guests can do for free and win a prize. The prizes all vary based on the resort, but these are always fun and a great activity to do on a relaxing resort day, especially if it’s raining (for some of them). To find out if your resort has a scavenger hunt, you can reference the activity sheet given to you at check-in or go to the front desk to get the sheets for the hunt or reference this post. When you’re finished with the scavenger hunt, you return to the front desk to claim your prize. Of course locations and prizes can change based on availability, so we will work to update this as more scavenger hunts are introduced to the resorts or are changed over time.

The scavenger hunts are not limited to resort guests only: anyone can do them even if you’re not staying on property. If you’re staying at another Disney resort, you can go to one that does have a scavenger hunt and do one there if yours doesn’t have one they’re doing (or if you just want to do another one on top of the one you’ve already done at your resort).

Port Orleans: French Quarter

Port Orleans: French Quarter has a Summer Sing-a-long Scavenger Hunt they are currently doing that was really well thought through. If you’re staying at Port Orleans: Riverside, you can easily walk over and do this scavenger hunt one day if you wanted to. This scavenger hunt can be done any day at any time. Just head to the front desk or bell services to get the sheet to begin.

These were so well done!

The whole scavenger hunt took us about 45 minutes. The paper you’re given has short poems as clues to help you find the location of the painted music notes that are hidden all over the resort. Each one is painted like a different Disney movie and has a Hidden Mickey on it. They were really well done. The prize was not as great as we were hoping based on how much time they put into the entire hunt, but it was still a lot of fun and really well done.

Port Orleans: French Quarter tends to change their scavenger hunts to match holidays or seasons, so as we find out if they will have one for the fall and what the prize is if they do, we’ll add it to our list.

This button was our prize for completing the scavenger hunt. Not as great as some of the other prizes, but it is a cute keepsake to take home.

Port Orleans: Riverside

The scavenger hunt at Port Orleans: Riverside was the shortest scavenger hunt we’ve done yet. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking for something to keep you and the kids entertained for the whole afternoon, this isn’t it. The map can be retrieved any day of the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Riverside Levee Marina. The map you’re given has nine pictures from around Port Orleans: Riverside. You have to go to each of those places and take a selfie where the picture is. You only need to do five of the nine, but we went to all of them.

The scavenger hunt took us just under 15 minutes to complete. We did know where some of the locations were ahead of time which helped, but because everything is so close together, it doesn’t take long even if you don’t know where everything is beforehand. Once you’re finished, you go back to Riverside Levee Marina to show them your selfies.

The prize for finishing is a $5 gift card to the arcade. They gave one to each of us, so we went and enjoyed playing some games. We each got to play about 8 games, but how many points the game is worth that you’re playing will determine how many you can play before you run out.

The Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian Resort has a scavenger hunt they just started in June of 2019 that is every Tuesday at 5 p.m. You are given a laminated clue sheet that has five places to go and take a picture. When you return, the cast member gives you another clue sheet with another five. In total, we were given four clue sheets each with five places we had to go and take pictures. They grouped them together so everything is in the same general area which was nice because the resort is rather large. This took us about 40 minutes to finish, so a slightly longer one but definitely worth doing.

Note: I specifically didn’t include pictures of what the scavenger hunt asks because I didn’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage. We hoped these pictures would keep people guessing on what was actually asked while still showing how fun it is. Just go do the scavenger, be surprised, and make great memories with your family!

This scavenger hunt is a competition, so only first place gets a prize, so you are competing with the other teams to finish first. This was probably one of the funnest scavenger hunts we’ve done as we took hilarious pictures at each location. The prize is a 30-minute ride on a Sea Raycer for two people which is really awesome, but be sure you’re on time for this scavenger hunt so you can try to win the prize. But even if you don’t, it’s a great way to see the resort and have fun with the family.

Such a great prize!

Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach has a scavenger hunt that’s a little confusing and takes time, but the prize was amazing! Kids are going to love this. This scavenger hunt took us all over the resort, and we had to ask about one of the questions because we weren’t sure exactly what we were supposed to be looking for, but we finally got it all. It takes about an hour if you know your way around the resort.

You can get the scavenger hunt paper from cast members by the pool any day between 1 and 4 p.m. If you don’t finish it that day, you can always bring it back another day completed to get your prize. The cast members are out there with the prizes each day during that time.

Art of Animation

Art of Animation is another resort that hasn’t been doing a scavenger hunt very long, but theirs has changed quite a bit since it began because it’s become so popular. For this scavenger hunt, you have to go to the front desk to get your paper. Then you go to different places around the resort to match where the character is for each open circle on the map. As this resort is themed so well, it’s a great way to see all the amazing details around the resort. This scavenger hunt took about 25 minutes, but we just enjoyed the views and the decor everywhere, so it would definitely take less time if you wanted it to.

For the prize, we were given this amazing pin below; however, we recently learned that they ran out of these pins and are now giving out regular trading pins from their pin board. This is really disappointing as this prize was so awesome, so we honestly don’t know that this scavenger hunt is worth doing anymore. It’s fun and does give you something to do, but the prize isn’t great, so this one is more for the memories than the prize you get.

UPDATE: this is no longer the pin being given out. Guests are given a regular trading pin when the scavenger hunt is completed.

Pop Century

The scavenger hunt at Pop Century goes all year round and has no day or time limit. This one had us find different statues and decor around the resort and mark on the map where they’re located. This was a huge, double-sided map and was well done. When they hand it to you at the front desk, the map has a slap bracelet holding it together to give you a fun prize before you even start.

Slap bracelets for everyone!

The whole scavenger hunt took about 25 minutes to do and was pretty hot for the summer around noon. We’d recommend doing it earlier in the day. Once you’ve finished the scavenger hunt around the resort, you take the map back to the front desk, and you can choose a prize from the treasure chest. They have a great selection of prizes, and we played with ours all day.

If you happen to be at Pop Century on a Sunday, you can walk across the bridge that connects Pop Century and Art of Animation and go do the scavenger hunt at Art of Animation as well.

This is the bridge connecting the two resorts. It’s a really pretty walk as long as it’s not raining.

Wilderness Lodge and Boulder Ridge Villas

Both Wilderness Lodge and Boulder Ridge Villas have a Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt at each of them, but because they are at the same resort, we’ve grouped them into one option since you could easily do both.

Both scavenger hunts have a similar concept: figure out where the poem is taking you and look for the Hidden Mickey there.

Wilderness Lodge’s Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt took about 20 minutes and only one Mickey was difficult to find. This scavenger hunt would be great for families and kids of any age. It’s a lot of fun and points out Hidden Mickeys that the Imagineers hid throughout the resort that you may not have ever noticed before.

This is the only clue you get for these two scavenger hunts! Good luck!

Boulder Ridge Villas’ Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt is definitely harder. It’s great for families to do together, but kids will need more help with this one as we found a couple of them difficult to locate. It took about 25 minutes total to find all of them.

This was a great prize because it doesn’t take up a lot of space when packing and is personalized.

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House

The scavenger hunt at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House is rather time consuming, but it is a great option if you’re waiting for your room to be ready or waiting to leave on check-out day. Everything is fairly close by, but it does take about an hour to finish. You can get the paper from the front desk to begin your hunt.

Once you have finished your scavenger hunt, you go back to the front desk to claim your prize. They let you pick two from the box.

There were a few prizes from which to choose including animal print rubber bracelets, book marks, sun glasses, and small animal toys.