A General Overview of Club Level at Walt Disney World

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

All club levels are currently unavailable at the Walt Disney World resorts at this time with no announced reopening dates.

At Walt Disney World, there are club level lounges at many of the Disney resorts for guests who book these specific room types. Club Level gets you quite a few perks as well as unlimited food and snacks in the lounge during your stay. We’ve had a lot of questions about our club level stays, so we wanted to help answer as many questions as we can in this blog post.

Booking a Club Level Room

On the Walt Disney World website, there are specific room categories you can book that have club level access. Some of the room types you will find are “Water View – Club Level,” “Standard View – Club Level” or “Theme Park View – Club Level.” The club level rooms are always after the regular stays in the list, so to find them, you’ll need to scroll down the page to see them. If the room does not say the words “club level,” then it is not a club level room category.

The club level rooms are only at Disney’s deluxe resorts except for one moderate that just opened a club level lounge. Coronado Springs is the exception because it hosts so many conferences, so Disney built a club level lounge to accommodate guests staying for conferences. The resorts you can find club level room categories at are The Contemporary, The Polynesian, Grand Floridian (has 2), Boardwalk, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Coronado Springs.

Club Level is NOT Disney Vacation Club

This part has confused a lot of people, and we totally understand that. Club level rooms are bookable room categories on the Walt Disney World website on the cash side: you cannot book club level rooms with Disney Vacation Club points or through the DVC website. There is only one exception to this, and that is the 10 DVC club level rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge. They are virtually impossible to get because they are the only DVC club level rooms on Disney property. But for the other 99% of club level rooms, you must book these through the Walt Disney World website and cannot use your DVC points to do so (this is a huge disappointment to us too as we are DVC members).

Club Level Rooms Are Not As Expensive as Some People Believe

If you’re basing the numbers off standard view rooms, club level rooms can be several hundred dollars more per night in some cases; however, if you’re considering theme park view or anything similar, club level rooms can be equal to the price or even less per night than these views. This was the case for our Grand Floridian theme park view room and club level room. We ended up having a not-so-great theme park view, so it made a lot more sense in that case to just get the club level room instead of theme park view. You can also do this for The Contemporary because the club level lounge faces Magic Kingdom, and during Happily Ever After, they pump in the music. So instead of booking a theme park view, you could book a standard view with club level access and still enjoy great views from club level and not spend any extra than you were planning, and you get unlimited food and drinks. These are just two examples of ways you can spend the same amount or less on your Disney trip and get club level access.

Food You Can Get in Club Level

Every club level has full autonomy from the other club level lounges to provide their guests with whatever food and drink offerings they would like, which means there is no set menu. That being said, most of the club level lounges provide a general menu that has minor tweaks from day to day.

Generally breakfast is from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Lunch or snacks is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., dinner is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and dessert is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Some club levels change the times slightly based on how long they need to set up between meals, but those are the general times.


Club level lounges can accommodate almost any allergy. When you book your room, you can put in a request about your allergy or call Disney Reservation Center to let them know. Some club level lounges call or email ahead of time to specifically ask, but not all do, so you’ll want to be sure to let them know before you get there. Some of the general food can be eaten by those with allergies, but definitely for more severe cases, the chef needs to know ahead of time so they can prep accordingly. We have not come across any cases where a kitchen couldn’t accommodate an allergy, but we know there are a lot of different allergies out there, so you’ll want to ask to be sure before you go.

Drinks in Club Level

One reason many guests enjoy club level access is the alcohol selection. There is alcohol available all day, but it’s only out during dinner. The rest of the day you can ask one of the cast members that are there to restock food and clean up for whatever you’d like, and they’ll get it for you.

Concierge Service

At every club level lounge, there is a desk where cast members answer questions or help guests with any problems throughout their stay. They are there from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, and they provide a concierge service for club level guests so you don’t have to wait in line at the front desk for questions or issues. They also have a phone on them at all times, so you can call or text the special number they have for any questions or concerns.

The concierge cast members are very good at fixing problems for guests and providing “pixie dust” whenever they can. There are also extra perks in club level, including turndown service every night (this turns down your covers, has the tv music turned on, lights turned low, and Ghirardelli chocolate squares left on the bed). Some club levels also have board games and DVDs you can “check out” for free during your stay.

90-day FastPass+

When you book a club level room, you have the option to pay $50 per person per day to book 90-day FastPass+ instead of 60-day, and you get an extra three FastPass+ options that aren’t limited by tier. For more information about this, you can read the full blog post I wrote here.

Upgrading to Club Level with a Regular Room

On rare occasions, if there is extra room in the club level lounge, the front desk may ask if you’d like to upgrade to club level access (not a club level room, but keeping your same room with access to the lounge) for $130 per night. This is per room, not per person. This is always an option at Wilderness Lodge when you check in if there is availability. The only other time this was an option for us was once this year at The Polynesian, and we did accept the offer. Generally this is only done for guests who have stayed club level in the past because the cast members know you know what club level is, and they aren’t offering something that a guest won’t understand.

Club level rooms all have robes for the guests to use during their stay

Wilderness Lodge is the exception in that guests can ask to upgrade to club level when they arrive, and most of the time, the answer is yes. When Copper Creek (a Disney Vacation Club resort) moved into Wilderness Lodge, they took half of the rooms in the building which means they also took half of the guests that could have book club level rooms. Wilderness Lodge is almost never full because of this, so guests who book regular cash rooms at Wilderness Lodge can ask to add club level access to their rooms, and it’s almost always granted. When you do this, you only have access to the lounge: you cannot take advantage of the 90-day FastPass+ bookings because you have to ask at check-in. The upgrade cannot be done ahead of time.

Teas and coffees are available all day long

Is Club Level Worth It?

This answer is going to be different for everyone because every family and every Walt Disney World trip is unique. The best way we can help you figure this out is to decide how often you’ll be at the resort and how much you’re willing to spend on your room. While some club level lounges provide food at each meal, some only include snacks for lunch, so it doesn’t always replace all your food options. Overall, we think club level is worth it for more relaxed trips where you have a few resort days and aren’t in the parks morning till night. If you know you’ll be there from rope drop to close in the parks, you won’t be able to take advantage of most of the food anyway, so club level really isn’t worth it for you.

Robert loves the Nespresso machines in club level