Club Level 90-Day FastPass+

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

This program has been suspended until further notice

At Walt Disney World, there are a several resorts that have what they call Club Level. Rooms that include Club Level access give you a concierge service and are a bookable room type on Disney’s website. With this access, you get unlimited food, snacks, and alcohol from the morning of your check-in day until midnight of the day you check out.

How Much Does the 90-day FastPass+ Cost?

One of the perks of staying Club Level is the option to book FastPass+ 90 days in advance (from your check-out day) for $50 per person per day plus tax with 3 extra FastPass+ added on to your regular 3, giving you 6 FastPass+ per day. Your extra 3 FastPass+ are not limited by ride tier, so rides such as Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash that you could normally only book 1 of in advance, you could now book both. There is a 3-day FastPass+ booking minimum for this perk. You don’t have to purchase this for every person in your party either. If only a couple of you want to pay the extra, that’s totally fine. There’s no person minimum or requirement for everyone in the room to purchase. It can be split up as needed.

How to Purchase

When booking your 90-day Club Level FastPass+, you must call Signature Services (407) 939-7777 to book your FastPass+ and make payment. They will ask for full payment before booking your FastPass+ and then book your FastPass+ for you. You can ask for their suggestions or just choose what you’d like when. We didn’t have any problem getting the times we wanted and got every ride we wanted as well. 


We chose to book our FastPass+ from 10am-3pm to allow us to eat breakfast at Club Level and dinner as well. One downside to the FastPass+ is you are missing meals when you’re in the parks for that long. You can split up your FastPass+ for morning and evening, but that’s a lot of traveling time back and forth from the park and the resort. We recommend choosing when you want to go to the park and staying for everything you want to do before heading back to your resort. 


For your 3 regular FastPass+, you are limited just as they normally are: they must be in the same park with only 1 allowing for tier 1 rides and the other 2 for less popular attractions. For the extra 3 FastPass+ you get with Club Level, you are not limited by tier or by park. So you could book your initial 3 FastPass+ in 1 park, and the 3 extra FastPass+ in another park to take advantage of multiple parks in one day. Once your 3 regular FastPass+ have been used, you can then book more regular FastPass+ if there are still things you wanted to do.

FastPass+ allows you to sit close in shows and get pictures and memories like this.

Our Club Level FastPass+ Choices

We chose to go with more popular rides and park hop one of the days to see how it went. So here’s what we chose for our 6 FastPass+ each day:

DAY 1: Animal Kingdom Day 2: Hollywood StudiosDay 3: Epcot/ Magic Kingdom
Flight of PassageSlinky Dog DashSoarin
Na’vi River JourneyAlien Swirling SaucersFrozen Ever After
Finding Nemo The MusicalToy Story ManiaTest Track
Expedition EverestTower of Terror7 Dwarves Mine Train
Kali River RapidsRock N Roller CoasterSpace Mountain
Kilimanjaro SafarisStar ToursSplash Mountain

To Note: Effective August 29, 2019, Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror will move to Tier 1 rides, so you will only be able to choose 4 of those 5 for your Club Level FastPass+ and will not be able to get all 5 rides like we did.

We love riding Soarin! This is probably the ride we’ve ridden the most this year.

Can Anyone Else Purchase the 90-day FastPass+ Options?

Actually, yes. The only other guests who can purchase the 90-day FastPass+ are those staying in any of the three bedroom grand villas at the Disney resorts, the bungalows at The Polynesian or the cabins at Copper Creek. If you are staying in any of those, you have the option to purchase these and all the pricing and timelines are the same.

What We Learned

One thing we learned that we would definitely change if we had known beforehand was that we should have booked our initial 3 FastPass+ first, and then the 3 extra FastPass+. We booked them the opposite way, so we had to wait until our initial 3 were finally done before we could try to book other FastPass+. Because we had them later, there wasn’t much availability left by the time we finished those up. So definitely book your regular FastPass+ first and then your Club Level FastPass+.

Between Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical, we prefer FastPass+ for this because you get an amazing view of such an incredible show.

We also booked our FastPass+ on the hour every hour. That seems easy enough to do, but even with just the two of us, maneuvering through the crowd, getting through the line, riding the ride, and then getting to the next FastPass+ was pretty difficult. If you add in time to eat, pictures, grabbing water, bathroom breaks, and children and/or strollers, that would be extremely difficult and not relaxing at all. We highly recommend trying for every 1 1/2 hours for your FastPass+ so you aren’t rushing from one to the other. Plus, if you do it this way, you could do one towards the end of your hour and another at the beginning of the time, and that leaves you plenty of time to grab a snack, ride another ride or see a show. It will make for a more relaxing and enjoyable day for everyone.

The other thing we learned is that we definitely would have rather had 4 days of FastPass+ instead of 3 so that we didn’t have to park hop. It just takes so much time going from 1 park to another, and it burns a lot of your day that you could be in the park enjoying yourself or in Club Level eating delicious food. We wouldn’t choose to park hop again if we had Club Level FastPass+ again.

We also had the unfortunate event happen where it stormed terribly, so many of the rides shut down in Magic Kingdom for several hours. So our Splash Mountain FastPass+ turned into an anytime FastPass+. So that is something to think about when purchasing your Club Level FastPass+: in the event a ride is shut down for any reason, you may not get to ride the one you wanted and will have to use your FastPass+ for another ride. We were fine with another ride since Splash Mountain wasn’t our main FastPass+, but had it been a ride like Flight of Passage or Soarin, that would have been really difficult for us. Rides not being available for weather or maintenance doesn’t happen often but is still worth considering when investing in Club Level FastPass+. Of course you can try to wait it out to see if the ride becomes available again, but if you had planned to go back to Club Level for dinner or had other plans, you’ll have to decide which is more important for you in that case.

Cons to Disney’s Club Level 90-day FastPass+

  • The fist con is that it does cost $50 per person per day, and that’s no matter how old someone is. Children and adults are the same cost. It is a hefty investment on top of already paying for Club Level.
  • It is also hard to leave Club Level for a minimum of 6 hours for your FastPass+ after you’ve paid the extra money to be there and enjoy the food and benefits in the first place. Choosing to add the FastPass+ means you aren’t in Club Level most of the day.
  • The last con to note is there is some extra stress of not missing your Club Level FastPass+ that you’ve paid for because it is so important to you that you not miss those. It’s one thing to miss a tier 2 FastPass+ that came with your original trip (not that you want to miss it, but it is different), but to miss one of your Club Level FastPass+, knowing how much it cost you, can be super stressful in trying to make sure you’re there in your hour window.
Missing a Flight of Passage FastPass+ at any time would be sad, but especially when you’ve paid extra for it.

Pros to Disney’s Club Level 90-day FastPass+

  • Of course the first pro is the 90-day booking window that allows you to book your FastPass+ before everyone else, so you to get the times you want each day and the rides you want. (Note that this is 90 days from your check-out day, not from check-in like normal FastPass+ booking windows.)
  • You also get the 3 extra FastPass+ that aren’t limited by park or tier, so you’re able to get more of the better rides and attractions than you would have with only 1 tiered FastPass+, and you can park hop with them. 
  • And lastly, the ease of booking. It took 15 minutes to book 3 days of FastPass+ for 2 people with 6 FastPass+ each day. It takes much longer on Disney’s website normally, so that was a big deal to us.
Kilimanjaro Safari is a must ride when going to Animal Kingdom.

Are Club Level 90-Day FastPass+ Worth It?

Overall, for the value of what you pay, we do think Club Level FastPass+ are worth it if you have a lot of popular rides you’d like to go on and want the ease and convenience of knowing your FastPass+ are set and your day is planned well. If you enjoy being in the parks from rope drop to fireworks, this probably isn’t a great deal for you unless you’re trying to enjoy the rides and extra little shows around the parks in a short, 4-day trip. This really isn’t the best option for most families as Club Level in itself is a unique experience, and not enjoying it to the fullest by being in the park all day can take away some of the value and fun there. Of course every family is different and each case unique, but these are our thoughts on Club Level FastPass+. Hope this helped you a little with information and planning!