What You Need to Know in Preparing for a Day at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Last Updated: August 26, 2019

With the Grand Opening of Galaxy’s Edge just around the corner, many people are working to prepare for that day and visiting in the coming weeks afterwards. We were able to visit Galaxy’s Edge twice before the Grand Opening, and we’ll be among the insane crowd that will be there on opening day, so we wanted to put together a post of what you might need and how to prepare for your visit when you go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the coming weeks.

Be Prepared for Crazy Crowds

This may seem obvious, but try ahead of time to imagine how crazy it will be. Patience is key on big opening days because everyone is going to be trying to get to the same places. Try not to be in a hurry and just know that everything you want to do will take time. There will literally be people everywhere at all times, so if you get claustrophobic or don’t like big crowds, Galaxy’s Edge is not the place for you in the coming weeks.

Be There Early

If you’re one of the people who wants to be at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for the Grand Opening, you’ll want to plan to get to Hollywood Studios no later than 4 a.m. Reports have already said guests are planning to arrive and camp out the night before, and with the park opening at 6 a.m., lines will be crazy long before official opening. Plan an early day with nothing else going on, get to Hollywood Studios super early, and be ready for it to already be crowded. The good new is, it won’t be as hot at that time in the morning as it will be in the afternoon, so hopefully that will help the overall heat level. Once you’ve had time in Batuu and enjoyed being a part of this incredible opening, go home and take a much-deserved nap.

Plan for Transportation

If you’re staying in the Walt Disney World Resorts, buses will start running at 3:30 a.m. on opening day of Galaxy’s Edge. Generally buses start an hour before park opening, but with the crowds and extra vehicles coming in that day, Disney is trying to help guests get there sooner. If you want to be at the park even sooner than that and are staying on Disney property, an Uber or Lyft will be your best option. Those may be a better option later in the day as well if the bus lines are really bad.

If you’re driving in, please be careful with the traffic that will be backed up that morning and plan on having to walk a bit because the parking lot is going to be packed.

Bring Cooling Towels and Personal Fans

One thing that surprised us both times we visited Galaxy’s Edge was just how hot it is in this new land. There are no fans (except right at the front) in the land, and because everything was built so tall for the experience, there’s no air flow. It is extremely hot and a lot of what you do and experience is outside. Cooling towels and personal fans are going to be a game changer when you visit because the crowd is only going to add to the heat.

Wearing our cooling towels

Plan for Rain

This is Florida, so while you do have to plan for the heat, you also have to plan for rain. Ponchos and umbrellas are your best options as you never know if it will be a light rain or heavy rain. There aren’t a lot of indoor places in Galaxy’s Edge, so seeking shelter may be virtually impossible, especially that day with everyone shopping and looking at everything.

Don’t Make Other Plans That Day

Lines for food, PhotoPass, Smuggler’s Run, shopping, building droids and lightsabers, and just getting into the land are going to be crazy. Don’t plan to have fastpasses later in the day or have something else scheduled as no one knows just how busy Galaxy’s Edge will be that day. If you’re going to be in Hollywood Studios for the Grand Opening of Galaxy’s Edge, let that be your only plan for the day so you aren’t stressed out that day or so you don’t have to leave when you’re almost on the ride, etc.

Bring Food and Snacks

While Disney does have amazing food options in Galaxy’s Edge as well as options throughout Hollywood Studios, if you’re hungry and the line for food is over an hour long, you’re going to get hangry. Bring some snacks just in case and for those long wait times for rides and pictures. It will help with the wait and help you not be miserable because it’s hot and you’re hungry.

Bring Water and Utilize the Water Stations Around the Land

Disney has had water stations set up throughout Batuu the last two times we’ve been there which is so helpful in the Florida heat, but in case they don’t have these or if they run out, be sure to bring your own water as well. You don’t want to get sick because you’re dehydrated, and with the 70% humidity we’ve had the last couple weeks, water is so important for everyone. You can always ask for a free cup of water at the quick service restaurants as well.

Bring a Phone Charger

Signal has not been great for us in Batuu when we’ve gone, so be sure you have an extra phone charger because your phone will have to work harder to post, play the Disney Play App, and just be on while you’re distracting yourself waiting in line for Smuggler’s Run. You’ll want to be on your phone to play games, contact people in your group, or just preoccupy yourself while you wait hours in line, so bring an extra phone charger so your phone doesn’t die on you.

Take Advantage of Mobile Ordering

If you are planning to get food at a quick service restaurant from Hollywood Studios, take advantage of Mobile Ordering in Disney’s app. You can choose what you want and pay ahead of time so you can skip the long line and walk up and get your food. This will save you time waiting in line to get food as well as time you’d be missing out on waiting in a line you actually want to be in.

P.S. If you don’t have something specific you want that day, burgers and fries are great because you can easily eat them while waiting in line for something in Galaxy’s Edge. Salads, chicken breast, and sides like mac and cheese will require you to stop and eat, and finding a seat that day may be difficult.

Don’t Plan to Be on Social Media Much

During the Annual Passholder Preview in Galaxy’s Edge, our phones struggled with signal because everyone was on every social media channel you can imagine. The same idea will happen when Galaxy’s Edge opens but on a much larger scale which ultimately means there’s a good chance signal will be bad or nonexistent with so many people trying to get on the wifi while they’re there to video, upload pictures, and more.

It will also be best not to be on social media much because there will be people everywhere, so walking and posting is a terrible idea. Plus, there’s so much to take in and enjoy in Batuu, if you’re on your phone, you’ll likely miss something. Enjoy being there for this amazing new land at Walt Disney World and have fun with family and friends.

Try the Play Disney App

The Play Disney App has a lot of fun things to do and see, but it may be too hard to try to do a lot of the missions that day. It’s still great to do while you’re in line though. You can find out more about it here.

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