Walt Disney World Resort 5th Sleeper Room Policy

Last Updated: March 16, 2020

Changes are constantly happening at the Walt Disney World resorts with new dining options, updates to the rooms, activities, and more. One of the recent changes to the wording and booking options on Disney’s website involved two of Disney’s moderate resorts. This booking change effects how many adults can now book a 5th sleeper room. This policy change could effect a lot of families in the near future, so let’s go over what the website bookings now allow and have changed.

Guests can no longer book a fifth sleeper room with 5 adults over the age of 18 in one room. If you have four adults and a child 0-17 years old, these 5th sleeper rooms are still an option for you (or any combination involving an adult and children under 18). But five adults over 18 can no longer book these 5th sleeper rooms like in past bookings.

The wording on the website now says the rooms “sleep up to 4 adults” and have “2 queen beds and 1 child-size pull-down bed.” Guests who have already booked 5 adults in these rooms are receiving calls from Disney to discuss their options, but as of January 1, 2020, 5 adults will no longer be allowed to stay in the fifth sleepers at Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans: Riverside. This is a huge change for families as many now have to choose between the family suites at Art of Animation, All-Star Music Family Suites or a Deluxe Resort or Deluxe Villa resort.

The pull-down fifth sleeper beds are great for kids, but even teenagers may find these beds too small or uncomfortable. These bed are somewhat short in height and only meant to hold around 100 pounds, so it is generally recommended that only smaller children sleep on them.

Caribbean Beach 5th sleeper
Port Orleans: Riverside 5th sleeper

With the new remodeling being done at Art of Animation and All-Star Family Suites, these rooms are much more updated and newer for those considering staying in those resorts instead of a 5th sleeper at Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans: Riverside. The suites also offer more space than the 5th sleeper rooms and are generally cheaper than staying at a Deluxe resort to accommodate the same amount of people.