Full Review: Capture Your Moment Photo Session from Disney PhotoPass

Last Updated: October 11, 2021

In the last two years, Disney’s PhotoPass service has really stepped up their game with unique photos such as 360º pictures, zoomed photos, even more magic shots, and more light painting options at night. We’ve been really impressed with each new photo option or service they’ve introduced, and Capture Your Moment was no different.

All pictures were left unedited by us. This is exactly how we got them.

What Is Capture Your Moment?

Starting February 10, Disney PhotoPass now offers guests a way to take home some magical memories that are unique to you and your family. You can pay to have a Disney PhotoPass Photographer spend 20-40 minutes with you and your family and take pictures, capturing your special memories. We went and reviewed this new service for ourselves opening day, and here is all of the information for it and what we thought of the experience.

This was our favorite picture of all of them.

How Much is Capture Your Moment?

Capture Your Moment is $50 per 20-minute session in Magic Kingdom. You can book up to 2 back-to-back sessions, for a total of $100 for 40 minutes. There is no tax on that total, and you must pay at time of booking for your session.

How Can I Book This New Service?

You must call Disney at 407-939-7758. Photographers cannot book this in the park nor can you book online, so calling is your only option at the moment. You can book up to 180 days in advance and as soon as two hours in advance day of pending availability, but this is still all through calling Disney’s phone number above.

Where Can You Take Pictures for Capture Your Moment?

The Capture Your Moment package is only available in Magic Kingdom during regular park hours (Extra Magic Hours and other parties are not included). You can choose to take pictures anywhere between the train station and Cinderella’s Castle, but you cannot go to other areas of the park. This is due to time restraints. If you purchase one 20-minute session, you are allowed one location. You can choose two locations for two 20-minute sessions.

Note: We were allowed to choose two locations only because we had a few minutes left of our time and went nearby for a second location. We were at the second location for about 3 minutes. The one location policy is to help guests get the most pictures in your 20 minutes without spending tons of time walking from place to place.

What Is Included with my $50?

With your $50 purchase, you get a 20-minute photo session with a Disney PhotoPass photographer. Digital downloads and prints are not included as well as park admission. You must purchase a park pass to enter Magic Kingdom for your photo session.

If you have Memory Maker, whether as an Annual Passholder or purchased for your trip, your digital downloads will be scanned to your account at no extra cost. Otherwise, you do have to pay for a one-day Memory Maker pass (an extra $69) to get your digital downloads. Prints must be purchased separately.

Our super fun and awesome PhotoPass photographer, Ricky.

How Far In Advance Can I Book Capture Your Moment?

Capture Your Moment can be booked up to 180 days in advance. This is the same as Disney dining, so if this is something you’re considering for your vacation, add this to your plans the day you book your dining reservations. We were told bookings are filling up quickly, so once you know you want to do this on your Disney vacation, be sure to call and try to book a time slot.

How Many People Can I Have in My Photo Session?

Disney’s official policy says you can have up to eight people per session. This makes sense as the more people you have, the longer pictures take to set up and get right.

Where Do I Meet The Disney PhotoPass Photographer?

We were told to arrive 10-15 minutes early for our Capture Your Moment photo session. You will meet your photographer in Town Square Theater by the big mirror. Once the photographer and the assistant arrive, you can discuss where you’d like your photo session to be and whether or not you’re celebrating anything.

What If I Need to Cancel My Session?

You can cancel your Capture Your Moment photo session up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. You must call 407-939-7758 to cancel. If you cancel within 24 hours or miss your photo session, no refunds will be given. If you are late for your photo session, that time is lost as the photographers have other sessions they must be on time for.

Do I Need to Bring Anything for My Photo Session?

There is nothing you need to bring to your photo session; however, they will work with you if you have any props you’d like in the pictures with you. (These must abide by Disney’s rules and policies) The PhotoPass Photographers have props they bring to make your pictures even more special. They can accommodate specific celebrations as well (birthdays, anniversaries, announcements, etc).

The props they brought on the photo shoot for us.

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider?

Here are a few things we learned or asked about during our photo shoot. We shot at sunset which had great lighting and cooler weather. If you want daylight shots in front of the Castle, be aware you all might be sweating in all of your pictures. Also, think about the time of day and what is happening at Magic Kingdom during your time slot. If a parade is happening, you won’t get to be on Main Street or in front of the Cinderella’s Castle. The PhotoPass Photographers will do everything they can to get you amazing pictures and ones you want, but they can’t rearrange a parade schedule. Lastly, don’t book this with a perfect 20-minute time slot where you’re rushing to get somewhere else afterwards. Be sure you have plenty of time to arrive early, enjoy the photo shoot, and scan your pictures afterwards. If for some reason things run late, you don’t want to have to leave your photo shoot early to get somewhere else. Allow plenty of time for everything you have planned that day. So just a few things to consider when scheduling.


Our PhotoPass Photographer took a total of 38 pictures, and we have 13 different pictures that we love and would use. There were a few that didn’t work out or that we didn’t like the pose (like the picture below), but for the ones that did turn out, it was totally worth it for us.

We were trying to do a spinning picture, but none of them turned out right.

If you have Memory Maker already, this is a wonderful way to capture extra magic on your vacation. It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day, and for a personal photo shoot with props in Magic Kingdom, $50 is a steal. If you don’t already have Memory Maker, this is a little tougher because your minimum total then becomes $119 for a 20-minute session, but if you have a group getting pictures together, splitting the cost could help a lot and make the price more justifiable for you.