Free Bead Activities at Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

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At Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House and Animal Kingdom Lodge: Kidani Village, there are a series of activities where guests can earn “beads” to have a special keepsake to take home at the end of your trip. There are many free activities at the Walt Disney World Resorts, but none are as educational as the ones that correspond with the bead activity at Animal Kingdom Lodge. This fun and educational series of games and learning are done at both Jambo House and Kidani Village. When you check in to either, you can ask for the activity guide showing the times of each or ask any recreations cast member for one during one of the activities.

There are a total of eight different beads you can get that are earned once you do the activity. Sometimes you’ll have a large group with you while other times you’ll be there by yourself. It’s always fun to have siblings or friends with you to make it more interesting and exciting as some of the activities are more fun with more people. You can find the areas they’re doing the activities at by using the card with the activity and time and looking for this sign.

One of the coolest things about the string your beads go on is that each set of beads is different based on when you do the activities. Robert and I did a couple activities at different times, so now our beads are lined up differently. This is nice because we can tell them apart. Of course, if you’re all doing the bead activities at the same time, you’ll have to find another way to tell them apart as they’ll be the same.

Our favorite activities were the Bio Blocks and Music of the Savanna. Those were both a lot of fun and would be the ones we’d recommend if you can only do a couple. You do not have to be staying at these resorts to participate in the bead activities.

Once you’ve earned all eight beads, you get a ninth bead with a Mickey head on it for earning them all. The whole process takes a full day or a couple of days because you have to go when each activity is scheduled, and you have to go from Jambo House to Kidani Village and vice versa to get all of the bead activities finished. We chose to do them over two days because it was really crazy trying to fit it all into one day. But it is possible to do if you wanted to or didn’t have the option to spread it over a couple days.