Why We Have Loved Having the Season Pass for MNSSHP

Last Updated: October 30, 2019

How cute are they???

And hope Disney does it again

Many of you know that we have gone to every Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party this year thanks to the new MNSSHP Season Pass Disney offered for guests. This pass was $300 and allowed access to every MNSSHP except Halloween night. We have just a few left before this year’s Halloween party season is over, but we wanted to talk a little about why we’ve enjoyed having this as an option and hope Disney offers this again in future years.

Mickey’s Not So Spooky Spectacular


I know many have not been happy about the season pass option for overcrowding reasons, but we actually believe the pass has helped this, not hurt it. Please keep reading before getting angry. I know many won’t agree with this. I’ve talked to many season pass holders this year to see if their experiences were similar to ours, and every one was. As season passholders, we were the only ones we know of that went to every party. Most went when they could which usually was weekends because they all have jobs, school, after-school activities, and more. So they don’t have the option to go every night, but they can go on weekends and holidays.

We also all didn’t go from open to close. Most of the guests with the season pass went towards the beginning of the night so their kids weren’t out late. We usually went after the 10:15 show, as the crowds got lower after that. We’d stay for 30-60 minutes and leave. The season pass actually helped not have as many people at the party all night which helped with crowds throughout the party. Many of the parties were indeed quite crowded, but we also noticed many of the sold-out parties weren’t as busy because locals stayed away those nights.

We liked going to the parties after 10:30 because there were less crowds. We saw Moana, Jafar, and Genie and Jasmine in 30 minutes one night. Characters are out until 11:30, so the later you go, generally the shorter the lines will be (excluding Jack and Sally and The Seven Dwarfs)


The money we saved by buying the Halloween season pass was incredible. We had planned on going to several Halloween parties to talk about the different shows, special snacks, dance parties, and characters. The pass allowed us to do all of this and still spend less than we would have by buying our tickets for each night separately. The party tickets ranged from $85-$115 depending on the night and if you had a DVC or AP discount.

We were able to spread out when we bought snacks and treats over a couple months instead of a couple nights.

Stress Free

We were able to update our blog post about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as we tried new things without stressing and trying to do everything in just a few nights, or even just one night. We had the freedom to try new strategies, see crowd levels on different nights, and so much more without trying to do it all in just a few party nights.

Each night we went was different, and we tried or did something new. Sometimes it was seeing a character we had not waited for while other nights we tried a new special snack from the party. We watched the shows from different areas and just enjoyed walking around some nights. We even had a couple times we walked in to get our special Halloween Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards, said hi to a few cast member friends, and left. We never stayed long and just enjoyed being at the Halloween party without trying to fit everything into one single night.

We preferred being close to the Castle during Mickey’s Not So Spooky Spectacular because we loved seeing Jack and the projections, and then we’ve had a good spot for the parade.


We loved the MNSSHP season pass. If it is offered again in the future, we definitely plan on purchasing it. Is it a perfect system? No. But did it help a lot on sold-out nights and throughout the Halloween season? Yes. For those guests who would have gone many times and stayed for the whole party, they instead went to many parties for a short time and left. It helped with crowds on many nights. Yes, it did overcrowd often on weekends and holidays, but if you’re reading this, try to avoid those nights when possible. Sundays and Thursdays were our favorite nights this year for crowd levels. Tuesdays and Fridays seemed to be the busier nights. We look forward to completing the year attending every Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and hope the MNSSHP Season Pass is sold again in coming years.