Our Experience on an Epcot Fireworks Cruise

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

All boat tours and rentals have been suspended until further notice except guided fishing rentals

We had the privilege of enjoying one of the IllumiNations fireworks cruises you can book at Walt Disney World as a way to enjoy watching IllumiNations without waiting a long time for a good spot. The view we had was amazing, and the views we got to see before the fireworks were gorgeous. We had a perfect night as far as weather goes, and we loved making new friends during this time.

Where we met to check in for our fireworks cruise

IllumiNations Cruise Cost

The cruises can have anywhere from 1-10 people, but of course, it’s always more fun to have more family and friends to enjoy special events like this. There are two different packages from which to choose: the first starts at $299 plus tax and can seat up to 8 people. The second starts at $349 plus tax and seats up to 10 people. There are fireworks cruises for both IllumiNations and Happily Ever After. You can also request special banners and balloons for birthdays or anniversaries when you book your fireworks cruise as it is included with the cost of the boat.

Our Cruise and What it Included

Our cruise started at 8:00 p.m., but most of the boats were out on the water before 8 o’clock actually hit. We checked in at the Yacht Club Marina, and once everyone had arrived, we boarded and left. Our captain was very knowledgeable and had all sorts of interesting Disney facts to tell us as we cruised around the lake.

There were snacks and drinks for us to eat and drink while we enjoyed the beautiful view. We went to Hollywood Studios and watched the sun set before boating over to The Boardwalk to see all the buildings lit up. Around 8:45 p.m., we went to our spot to get ready to watch IllumiNations. All the boats lined up next to each other in front of the bridge between France and the UK. We sat and talked until it was time for IllumiNations to begin.

We had an incredible view of IllumiNations and felt like we were so close to it! It was so nice to have a seat to sit and watch the show with friends in a great location. After IllumiNations ended, we made one last loop around The Boardwalk to see the lights before docking for the evening. The whole event was about an hour and a half, but it honestly felt like longer (in a good way).


If there is rain, the cruise will still be scheduled, so be sure to plan accordingly and bring ponchos or umbrellas for your boat ride. If it’s windy, the captain will give everyone protective eyewear as the debris from the fireworks can float towards you. Generally the weather is great, so there isn’t a lot to worry about, but because this is Florida, rain is always possible any time, anywhere.

Love this cotton candy sky


Just a reminder that the final showing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth will be September 30, 2019. After almost 20 years of shows, IllumiNations will be replaced with a temporary show called Epcot Forever. An all-new show (called HarmoniUS) will debut in 2020 that we have been told is going to be amazing! While we are going to miss the class IllumiNations show, we are excited to see what Disney has in store.

We love watching IllumiNations


The whole experience was amazing, and we loved the view we had of IllumiNations. We definitely plan to do another fireworks cruise in the near future as we enjoyed it so much. It makes the cost a lot more manageable the more people you have on the boat, so we think getting a group of friends or family together for a nice relaxing evening is the way to go for any of Disney’s fireworks cruises. You can call to book a fireworks cruise by going to the number here.

The view of IllumiNations from our boat