Getting a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

Last Updated: April 20, 2021

Rise of the Resistance is Walt Disney World’s newest attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We love this attraction for how immersive it is. Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, the ride itself is worth trying to ride if you can because it really is just an incredible experience. Getting to experience this attraction is different however than any other ride in Disney World, so we’re going to talk about the process for that as well as our adding in our own suggestions and helpful tips.

About Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is both a ride and an attraction. It is in Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios, and the whole experience is just under 20 minutes. There are different parts to this ride that include walking, riding, and a slight drop. If you’re concerned about motion sickness, we recommend watching a ride through on YouTube. If you’re a big Star Wars fan, we don’t recommend watching a video of the ride beforehand though because it’s such a cool experience, and riding it for the first time and taking it all in is a big part of that. That being said, we’ve ridden it over 10 times and still love it!

What Is a Boarding Group?

In order to help with crowd control, Disney has set up a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance where guests must join a boarding group, and their boarding group must be called to ride. Once your boarding group is called, you have one hour to get in line at Rise of the Resistance to be able to ride. Keep reading to find out how to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance.

Can I Just Wait in Line for Rise of the Resistance?

No. There is no line you can wait in to ride Rise of the Resistance. The only way to get on Rise of the Resistance is by joining a virtual queue and having your boarding group called.

Is Joining a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance Hard?

If you follow the steps we’ve outlined below, we believe you’ll have a better chance of getting a boarding group. But please keep in mind, spaces are limited, and you do have to work quickly. Generally, boarding groups are full in less than 5 seconds. That’s not an exaggeration. There are things Disney has implemented to help the process go quickly which is part of that, but it’s also just how quickly people are pushing the two buttons needed to join. Work quickly and follow the points below, and we think you’ll have a good shot.

How Do I Get A Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance?

This is going to be pretty lengthy to ensure we cover all the information and details, so bear with us. But once you have all the information, you’ll be ready for your chance to get a boarding group when you visit Hollywood Studios.

First, every person in your group wanting to ride Rise of the Resistance must have a valid park ticket and a park pass reservation for Hollywood Studios. This is important. Without both of those things, you won’t be able to even try to get a boarding group.

Second, make sure everyone in your party is linked in the My Disney Experience app (MDE). For individual families, this usually isn’t an issue. But for larger families, groups or friends visiting together, often not everyone is linked together. We’ll explain why this is needed shortly.

Third, you need to know when you can try to get a boarding group. There are a limited number of boarding groups available to guests, so not everyone visiting Hollywood Studios will get one. There are two times throughout the day boarding groups open up. The first is at 7 am, and the second is at 1 pm. For the 7am boarding group, you do not need to be in the park. To join at 1pm, you and everyone in your party wanting to ride must be in Hollywood Studios.

Fourth, joining the 7 am virtual queue. Once everything is set (you have tickets, park passes, and you’re all joined together in MDE), you’ll want everyone in your group (up to 4 or 5 people) to try to join the virtual queue at 7 am. You don’t want to have too many people trying as that could mess things up, but it’s definitely worth having more than one person in the group try if you can.

Fifth, here’s what we did to get a boarding group. This will apply to both at home or in the park. We opened the MDE app a few minutes before the specified time. Once in the app, scroll down to the section that says, “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Request Access with Virtual Queue.” Hit the “Join” button. Once you’re on that page, you can pull the page down to refresh it. Robert watched the time down to the seconds, and as soon as it was a couple seconds before, we began refreshing the page. When it refreshed, we hit “Join,” and since we were both connected on the MDE app, it automatically chose our names. We hit “Join” again, and it let us know if we got a boarding group or if it was full. Sometimes the app will say, “We’ve experienced a problem.” That also means the boarding groups are full.

Sixth, this is where things differ depending on if you have a boarding group or not. If you did get a boarding group, Congratulations! Be sure push notifications for the app are on so you’ll be notified when your boarding group is open. You can also watch the app to see where they’re at during the day so you can try to time about when your group will be called. Once your boarding group is called, you only have one hour to get there. Even if you have a dining reservation or are in line for another ride, you must watch the clock and be there during your designated time.

If you didn’t get a boarding group, you still have another chance at 1 pm. You and everyone who wants to try to get a boarding group must be in Hollywood Studios to try for this one. Everything else still applies: be sure you’re all connected, etc. Once you’re in the park, you’ll want to check whether your cell service or Disney’s WiFi is better to be on when trying for the boarding group. You can check both by going to Once you’ve done that, you’ll do everything that was listed above to try to join a boarding group.

Backup Boarding Groups

Disney releases a certain number of boarding groups each day as well as a certain number of backup boarding groups. Boarding groups are generally lower numbers (1-50 or so) while backup boarding groups are higher numbers and may or may not be called depending on how well the ride does that day. There’s no guarantee that those with a regular boarding group will be called either, but backup boarding groups have less of a chance. We had a backup boarding group the last time we rode, so there’s a good chance you will get to ride. It just depends on whether the ride continues to work properly throughout the day.

Who Can Ride Rise of the Resistance?

Anyone with a park pass, a park ticket, and a boarding group can ride Rise of the Resistance. For the more technical information on who can ride, here it is. Any guest over 40″ tall can enjoy Rise of the Resistance. Children under 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 years old or older. Here is Disney’s health warning: You should be in good health, free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other health problems.

What If Rise of the Resistance Goes Down?

The last time we rode, Rise of the Resistance went down right as our boarding group was called. We still had two hours until the park closed, so we figured we’d still get to ride. We kept checking the app, but it kept saying the ride was still down. There are two ways you can check this. The first is where you check wait times in the park in the MDE app. If Rise of the Resistance is down, it will say so at the bottom. If it’s not, you won’t see the ride in there at all since there’s no line to walk up and wait in. The second place to look is where the current boarding groups being called are listed. It will say “Not Boarding.” The “Not Boarding” never changed but we noticed Rise of the Resistance was no longer listed as down on the wait times. When we went to the ride, it was back open, but there were no guests waiting like there had been. We were the only guests in the whole queue and walked right onto the ride. It was almost strange being the only ones in the entire experience for those 18 minutes in the ride because normally there are other people with you to be a part of the experience. We think everyone was watching the Boarding area and not the wait times section, so they didn’t know the ride was back up and running. We suggest watching both areas of the app so you don’t miss the chance of riding if you could have.

With each time that we ride, it seems like we learn something new. Disney is also working to better the experience of joining the virtual queue, so things have changed quite a bit since Rise of the Resistance opened last December. So we hope some of these tips or things we’ve learned will help you on your next visit in joining the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance.