Disney’s Tables in Wonderland Card

Last Updated: August 26, 2019

Tables in Wonderland cards that are still valid are being honored at Walt Disney World restaurants; however, new cards cannot be purchased at this time.

If you are an annual Passholder, DVC Member or local resident at Walt Disney World, there is a discount card you are eligible for that can help save you money at Disney restaurants during each of your many trips to Disney World throughout the year. This discount card is called Tables in Wonderland and is offered by Disney through a third-party company. We have used this card as much as possible while living in the Walt Disney World Resorts and had a lot of questions come in about it, so we’re here to answer them.

How Does a Tables in Wonderland Card Work?

After you get your Tables in Wonderland card, you can use it for one full year at almost any of the Walt Disney World table service restaurants for up to ten people, including the card holder. Just show the card to the cast member when paying for your meal, and they can swipe it to apply your 20% discount. It’s easier if you tell your server ahead of time so they can ask for the card before they bring you your check, that way they don’t have to go back and reprint everything. They swipe the card, and your discount is applied. It’s as easy as that.

Note: to use Tables in Wonderland for everyone in your party, the bill must all be on one check, and the owner of the Tables in Wonderland card must be paying.

Where Can I Use My Tables in Wonderland Card?

Tables in Wonderland gives you a 20% discount at most table service restaurants at Walt Disney World, including restaurants that Annual Passholders can’t get a discount. You can find the full list here. You can also use it at any Walt Disney World resort food court that does not have a table service restaurant at the resort (Port Orleans: French Quarter, all 3 All-Star Resorts, Art of Animation, and Pop Century). You also get free valet parking at the Walt Disney World Resorts, but don’t forget to tip your valet as that is not covered. Discounts and free parking and valet are excluded from major holidays (Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day).

How Much Is Tables in Wonderland?

Tables in Wonderland costs $150 per card for Disney Vacation Club Members and Passholders and $175 for Florida residents. Your Tables in Wonderland card can be used for party sizes of up to 10 people each time you use it. This savings can add up fast if you have a large party visiting Disney World often. If you lose your card or would like to add another person to your account (giving you a discount for up to 20 people total), it’s $50 per card. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card.

Where Do I Get a Tables in Wonderland Card?

You can purchase a Tables in Wonderland card either by calling (407) 566-5858 for Annual Passholders and Florida residents or go to any Guest Relations at the four Walt Disney World Parks or Disney Springs. You must have your photo ID and proof you are a DVC member, Annual Passholder or Florida resident when purchasing. If you call in, your card may take three to four weeks to arrive, but we recommend purchasing this way if you can because when you call in, you get a laminated card which lasts much longer. The card you are given in the parks or at Disney Springs is paper and wears out quickly. Ours only lasted two months before it stopped scanning which means a cast member has to get a manager every time we use it. This can be very inconvenient for both parties and takes unnecessary time. We will definitely be getting a laminated one next time.

Is Tables in Wonderland Worth It?

Whether you’re local or coming from across the country, if you visit Walt Disney World often and eat at a lot of table service meals or drink a lot of alcohol, ultimately we think Tables in Wonderland is worth it for you. Everyone vacations differently at Disney World, so if you don’t drink, take advantage of a Free Dining Offer or bring your own food to the parks, you really won’t save much with a Tables in Wonderland Card. It also depends on how many people are in your party when you come. Ten people will save a lot more than two, so your value grows with having Tables in Wonderland based on party size as well.

The best way to decide if it’s worth it for you and your family is to figure out if you spend $750 or more on food and alcohol while at Disney World. At $750, you’re breaking even, so you have to spend more than that to save money (Florida residents would need to spend $875). Something else to consider is annual Passholders get 10% off most table service meals anyway, so to make the value worth it for you, you would actually need to spend $1500 in food and alcohol to break even. Tables in Wonderland isn’t for everyone, but we do believe it is helpful for many families depending on how often you visit and how often you eat at Disney restaurants.